TTK 550 Thermal Bridging Production System


Number of operators: 1-2
Approximate capacity: 40/50 bars per hour

LAYOUT PRODUCTION TTK 550 (PA-strips insertion realized during the knurling phase)

This solution is adapted for small-medium production. Using one knurling machine, permit to produce in 2 consecutive phases: n the 1st phase the knurling of a profile introducing 2 PA-strips; in the 2nd phase the knurling of the 2nd profile in out feed from the knurling machine which will be assembled to the profile product in the 1st phase; ready for the definitive roll forming. The use of the bars magazine near the knurling machine permit a better organization of the production, especially in small production.

Production phases
– Knurling of the bar seat on the first profile and insertion of the bar using special grippers located at the out feed from the knurling machine. Knurling of the second profile. Composition of the two shells.

– Locking of the two shells and the rods using progressive pressure of the disks on the profile hammers

– Testing by securing test on a sample 100 mm in length to test the quality of the assembly


  • Loading roller table 2.4 m
  • TAB 101 alternatively TAB 100 or TAB 100 M
  • Storage for knurling machine with grippers TAB 300
  • TAB 200 alternatively TAB 200 M
  • Unloading roller table for roll-forming machine
  • TAB 400 alternatively TAB 400 M