TTK 1000 System for Thermally Broken Profiles


Number of operators: 3
Productivity: 90/110 bars/h
Maximum machinable bar length: 7.5 m

Option TTK 1000 is particularly suitable for medium high production. The presence of a driven transfer between the 2 knurling machines and the unloading magazine downstream of the assembler allows manual movement of the profiles by the operators to be reduced to a minimum.

The proposed layout minimises the space required, while at the same time optimising the manpower resources needed for continuous operation of the system.

Production phases
– Knurling of the bar seat on the first profile and insertion of the bar using special grippers located at the out feed from the knurling machine. Knurling of the second profile. Composition of the two shells.

– Locking of the two shells and the rods using progressive pressure of the disks on the profile hammers

– Testing by securing test on a sample 100 mm in length to test the quality of the assembly


  • Loading roller table 2,4 m.
  • TAB 101 alternatively TAB 100 or TAB 100 M
  • Modular conveyor system with double step
  • TAB 200 alternatively TAB 200 M
  • Modular storage with double step
  • TAB 400 alternatively TAB 400 M