Steel 35 M Double Head Sawing Machine


The Steel 35 M double-head sawing machine has down-feed blades for iron profiles, motorized movement of the mobile head and electro-pneumatic positioning of the vertical axis.

Steel 35 M – Double head sawing machine – 5m


  • 2 no. blades HSS Ø 350mm, thickness 2.5mm T4 Z=280 D.32 for std. and stainless steel (thickness up to 3 – 4mm)
  • Vertical head sliding on prismatic guide-ways with recirculating ball slide
  • Hydraulic tungsten carbide saw blade feed (adjustable blade exit speed – quick return)
  • Adjustable blade quick approach distance
  • Pneumatic head rotation from 90° to 45°
  • Intermediate angles achieved using vernier and mechanical stops
  • Mobile head movement speed 20m/min
  • Pneumatic vices, 4 horizontal and 2 vertical with dual working pressure (low and high)
  • Mobile head roller table (3m)
  • Cooling system by emulsified oil
  • First head fixed, second head mobile with automatic positioning
  • Cutting down-feed simultaneous with motor start
  • Minimum cut between the two heads: 490mm
  • Maximum cut between the two heads: 5m
  • Customised devices to clamp special profiles (on request)
  • Working pressure: 7 bar
  • Saw blade tooth cleaning system with steel brushes
  • Large size swarf collection box to allow easy collection
  • Blade motors, three-phase 2.2/1.4kW – eurovoltage 230/400V– 50Hz; 275/480V – 60Hz
  • Blade rotation speed 15/30/45/90rpm selected with mechanical change
  • Air consumption per work cycle: 20 NL (normal/litres)