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This 4 axis CNC machining centre has an upright mobile automatic tool changing system. It is specifically designed for drilling and milling steel, aluminium or light alloy extrusions on 3 faces of a profile with useful NET working area among X axis up to 4000mm. It is also possible to work extra long extrudes by first working one side then, after repositioning, working the opposite side.


  • Main structures made of electro-welded steel, normalized and worked with CNC machine tools
  • 4-Axis movement controlled by high-precision brushless servomotors
  • Electric spindle (4 kW in S1), with ISO 30 tool connection suitable for material
    removal processes during milling and drilling operations
  • Tool magazine holding up to 5 tools, placed on the back side of the moving portal
  • Clamps manual positioning (automatic positioning optional)
  • Standard versions 3, 4 and 7 meters
  • Double working area (version 7 meters)
  • Chips conveyor plate
  • Safety light curtains system located in front of the machine
  • Safety guards in electro-welded net on the three sides of the machine.


Double operation area
Automatic clamping positioning
N°1 extra manual clamping device kit
N°1 extra automatic clamping device kit
Kit extension for N°4 clamps (P) 300mm
Independent motor-driven clamps ( kit for 4 clamps)
Tool magazine fixed on the movable carriage- 8 positions in all
Extra tool magazine – 8 positions tools rack on the basement (right side)
Extra charge for electro-spindle 5,5 kW 4 poles 0-24.000 rpm
Extra charge for electro-spindle 8,8 kW 4 poles 0-18.000 rpm
BASE tool kit (N° 5 tool holders complete with collets + N° 5 hard metal milling tools D. 5/6/8/10/12)
PLUS tool kit (N°4 tool holders complete with collets + N°4 hard metal milling tools + N°1 saw blade D.120mm)
Laser probe for tool length measurement
Automatic slides greasing
Tool cooling system kit (cold air) ideal for machining IRON and PVC
High speed X axis version ( max speed X axis 120 m/min )
Side guards (left and right), entry door on the right side (suitable for wall positioning)
Side guards on 3 sides, entry door on the back side ( NOT suitable for wall positioning)
Remote assistance via the internet (12 months)
Remote assistance via the internet (24 months)
Enclosure 4.0 + hand wheel control (without roof)
Full enclosure 4.0 (with roof)
Wooden packing crate (not case) and heat shrink wrap (version without cabin)


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