SL6-FF EVO RS – 6 Head CNC Welding Machine


The first and only 6 head CNC welding machine in the world that completely eliminates the welding curb from the corner allowing you to obtain PVC windows with uniform quality and superior aesthetics.


Natural evolution of the 4 head SL4-FF EVO, thanks to the 2 extra heads allows it to weld simultaneously the 4 corners of the PVC framework, complete with 1 transom (front welding) without the need for cleaning or subsequent retouching.


Unique machine of its kind, it performs perfect joints guaranteeing absolutely flat and homogenous surfaces also with profiles that, instead of reinforcing metal, have inside them non-weldable products such as fibreglass, aluminium or resin.


5 Reasons to choose SL6-FF EVO RS

  • Reduced foot print – Ability to weld 4 corners and 1 transom mid-rail in one operation.
  • Versatile  White and foiled seamless welding. Aluminium clad welding.
  • Efficient – One operator required for reduced labour and greater output
  • Active Welding System  The operator is informed of all weld tolerances prior to welding.
  • Concise Welding  All profile tolerances are measured prior to welding and re-calibrated prior to the welding process.



  • Length – 6,000mm
  • Width – 5,600mm
  • Height – 2,200mm
  • Weight – 5,300kg
  • Installed Power – 20kW
  • Power Supply – 400V
  • Air Consumption – 200 Nl/min
  • Operating Pressure – 7 bar



Operating Features

  • Composition – 6 head structure quad
  • Number of operators – 1
  • Contemporary welding of the 4 corners with 1 transom
  • C-welding
  • Gasket worked directly during the welding cycle


Technical Features

  • Up to 1 square every 140 secs (depends on the types of profile, weld bead and loading speed)
  • Maximum Profile Size – 3,200mm x 4,000mm
  • Minimum Profile Size  – 400mm x 530mm (depending on the profile used)
  • Minimum Sash/Frame Height – 58mm
  • Maximum Sash/Frame Height – 180mm
  • Minimum Sash/Frame Width – 40mm
  • Maximum Sash/Frame Width – 130mm
  • Minimum Transom Height  – 58mm
  • Maximum Transom Height – 100mm
  • Minimum Transom Width – 50mm
  • Maximum Transom Width – 130mm


Upon request the machine can be equipped with the following:-

  • Increased cooling table for sizes 3628, 4028, 4528, 5028
  • Y axis increase 4,000mm
  • Additional Welding Heads – It is possible to add 2 heads to weld 2 transoms