SL5-FF TV – 5 Head CNC Welding Machine


Very high precision system, more than a welding machine, the SL5-FF TV is a real production centre – a complete machine which allows simultaneous welding of the 2 external corners of the window frame that have 1, 2 or 3 transoms inside.


It is a 5 head in-line welder designed specifically for those markets that require fixtures with cross pieces welded in “V” mode. The corners of the profile are welded at 90o,  while, thanks to the 3 modern central heads, the crosspieces are joined with the Notch Transom Welding.

5 Reasons to choose SL5-FF TV

  • Innovative Technology – Flexible welding of transoms and corners seamlessly.
  • Reduced weld times – Ability to weld 2 corners and 3 transoms in one operation.
  • Versatile – White and foiled seamless welding. Aluminium clad welding.
  • Efficient – One operator required. The seamless welding eliminates the need for corner cleaning.
  • Concise Welding – All profile tolerances are measured prior to welding and re- calibrated prior to the welding process.



  • Length – 2,600mm
  • Width – 5,800mm
  • Height – 2,500mm
  • Weight – 5,000kg
  • Installed Power – 25kW
  • Power Supply – 400V
  • Air Consumption – 200 Nl/min
  • Operating Pressure – 7 bar



Operating Features

  • Composition – 5 head structure In-line
  • Number of operators – 1
  • Contemporary welding of 2 corners and 1, 2 or 3 transoms
  • Gasket worked directly during the welding cycle



Technical Features

  • Minimum Profile Height – 58mm
  • Maximum Profile Height – 130mm
  • Minimum Profile Width – 40mm
  • Maximum Profile Width – 130mm
  • Maximum Side Dimension – 5,000mm
  • Minimum Side Dimension – 370mm


Upon request the machine can be equipped with the following:-

  • Electronic control system of counter shims
  • Software for converting imported data files
  • Exhauster for SL5-FF TV welding machine without curb.
  • Production data monitoring – Control of all the data of the welded elements deriving from the optimization and manual production over time (change time of the contour blocks, monitoring of the working time, monitoring of the time for uploading from the cooling table).
  • Welding option maximum height 180mm
  • Machine version according to UL/CSA.