SL4-FF EVO RS – 4 Head Rapid Speed Welding Machine


The first and only 4-head CNC welding machine in the world that completely eliminates the welding seam from the corner and allows you to obtain PVC windows of uniform quality and superior aesthetics.


A unique machine of its kind, it ensures perfect and simultaneous welding of 2 angles, guaranteeing absolutely flat and homogenous surfaces also with profiles that, instead of reinforcing metal, have inside them non-weldable products such as fibreglass, aluminium or resin.

Rapid Speed

The new RS Welding feature speeds up the profile milling phase, which allows the milling to work continuously without having to stop to change direction during the work process. It automatically calculates the space needed for deceleration and acceleration.


The milling speed is therefore increase by up to 30% in comparison with standard EVO machines. The process makes it easier to operate the machine as it no longer brakes but slows down, providing more fluid decelerations and accelerations.


Along with the benefit of increased productivity, there is also less wear and tear on the machine and therefore less maintenance is required.


5 Reasons to choose SL4-FF EVO RS


  • Versatile – White and foiled seamless welding. Aluminium clad welding.
  • Efficient – One operator required. The seamless welding eliminates the need for corner cleaning.
  • Labour Reduction – Not having to finish the corners, only 1 operator is required to load the profiles.
  • Space Saving – Extremely compact machine (starting from just 20m2)
  • Concise Welding – All profile tolerances are measured prior to welding and re-calibrated prior to the welding process.



  • Length – from 3,200mm
  • Width – from 2,800mm
  • Height – from 2,200mm
  • Weight – from 3,300
  • Installed Power – 17kW
  • Power Supply – 400V
  • Air Consumption – 180 Nl/min
  • Operating Pressure – 7 bar

Operating Features

  • Composition – 4 head structure Quad
  • Number of operators – 1
  • Horizontal and contemporary welding of the 4 corners
  • Gasket worked directly during the welding cycle

Technical Features


  • Up to 1 frame every 90-150 sec (depends on the types of profile, weld bead and loading speed)
  • Maximum Dimension Welding Corner – 3,200mm
  • Minimum Dimension Welding Corner  – 370mm
  • Minimum Profile Height – 35mm
  • Maximum Profile Height – 130mm
  • Minimum Profile Width – 40mm
  • Maximum Profile Width – 130mm


Upon request the machine can be equipped with the following:-

  • Additional Heads for drilling and/or screwing of transverse.
  • Mobile unloading belts with lateral movement
  • C-Welding
  • 3-sided door framing welding U (including C-welding)
  • Electronic control system of contour blocks
  • Software for converting imported data files
  • Cooling table
  • Exhauster
  • Production data monitoring – Control of all the data of the welded elements deriving from the optimization and manual production over time (change time of the contour blocks, monitoring of the working time, monitoring of the time for uploading from the cooling table).
  • Machine version according to UL/CSA
  • Welding option maximum height 180mm
  • Welding option for 140mm wide profiles
  • Different configurations for welding of different size from standard machine (3,200mm x 2,800mm)
  • Option weldable side minimum 300mm