SL2-FF DIA – Two Head Welding Machine


The first and only 2-head CNC welding machine in the world that completely eliminates the welding seam from the corner and allows you to obtain PVC windows of uniform quality and superior aesthetics.

A unique machine of its kind, it ensures perfect and simultaneous welding of 2 angles, guaranteeing absolutely flat and homogenous surfaces also with profiles that, instead of reinforcing metal, have inside them non-weldable products such as fibreglass, aluminium or resin.

5 Reasons to Choose SL2-FF DIA

  • Possibility to weld profiles coated with any type of film or foil
  • Time & Cost Reduction – after welding, it is not necessary to clean or touch up
  • Efficient – One operator required. The seamless welding eliminates the need for corner cleaning.
  • Active Welding System – The operator is informed of all weld tolerances prior to welding.
  • Concise Welding – All profile tolerances are measured prior to welding and re-calibrated prior to the welding process.



  • Length – 4,950mm
  • Width – 1,400mm
  • Height – 2,500mm
  • Weight – 2,400kg
  • Installed Power – 12kW
  • Power Supply – 400V
  • Air Consumption – 110 Nl/min
  • Operating Pressure – 7 bar


Operating Features

  • Structure – 2 heads in line
  • Horizontal and contemporary welding of two corners
  • Gasket worked directly during the welding cycle


Technical Features

  • Minimum Profile Height – 58mm
  • Maximum Profile Height – 180mm
  • Minimum Profile Width – 40mm
  • Maximum Profile Width – 130mm
  • Minimum Side Dimension – 370mm
  • Maximum Side Dimension – 3,000mm (upgradeable on request)


Upon request the machine can be equipped with the following:-

  •  Dimensions side weldable between the heads maximum increased
  • Exhauster for SL2 FF cordless welder