SL FF CF – Single Head Cruciform Welder


The SL FF CF is the first and only CNC “T” or Cross Transoms welding machine .  It removes all excess sprue from the welded joint achieving uniform quality and superior aesthetics. It produces a perfect weld ensuring surfaces are completely flat and homogenous. It can also be used for profiles that have fibreglass, aluminium or resin reinforcements.

V-Perfect : The Perfect Weld
The patented V-Perfect Technology allows you to work with all types of painted or film coated PVC profiles. Acrylic, laminated and aluminium coated profiles weld seamlessly without the need to touch up the finished weld. In a single cycle it is possible to obtain a weld with a precise & clean finish and with an aesthetically perfect weld.

5 Reasons to Choose SL FF CF
Possibility to weld profiles coated with any kind of film or foil as anodized Aluminium, painted Aluminium, painted PVC, covered PVC with wood or acrylic.

  • Time & Cost Reduction – after welding, it is not necessary to clean or touch up
  • Efficient – One operator required. The seamless welding eliminates the need for cleaning.
  • Size Reduction – The machine is compact
  • Concise Welding – All profile tolerances are measured prior to welding and re-calibrated prior to the welding process.


Length: 2,000mm
Width: 1,000mm
Height: 2,150mm
Weight: from 1,200kg
Power installed: 9kW
Power supply: 400V
Air consumption: 40 NI/min
Min exercise pressure: 7 bar

Number of operators : 1

Minimum profile height: 40mm
Maximum profile height: 100mm
Minimum profile width: 60mm
Maximum profile width: 120mm
Minimum angle dimensions: 400mm
Maximum angle dimensions: no limit


On request the machine can be equipped with:-

  • Exhauster
  • Machine version in compliance with UL/CSA