Mistral 26/26A End Milling Machine


Variable angle end milling machine
Two options:
Mistral 26 – Manual           
Mistral 26A – Pneumatic   


  • End milling angle 45° RH, 90°, 45° LH and intermediate angles
  • Milling tool unit rotation speed 7000rpm
  • Max milling tool size Ø 175mm
  • Manual feed of the milling tool unit (MISTRAL 26)
  • Automatic feed with rapid approach controlled by milling tool unit photocell (MISTRAL 26A)
  • Quick change milling tool unit
  • Milling tool unit balancing system
  • Milling units magazine with 9 slots
  • Spray mist blade lubrication system
  • Carriage stroke: X max = 350mm
  • Milling depth: Y max = 65.5mm
  • Maximum milling unit height: 125mm
  • Working capacity: see attached diagram
  • Patented system that allows profile positioning without the need for geometrics
  • Work table height 900mm
  • Non-abrasive work table that will not damage painted profiles
  • Set up for the extraction of chips and fumes
  • Integral safety guards around work table with opening lock
  • Double working pressure servo-controlled in low pressure