MAC 340 Aluminium/PVCu Machining Centre


  • PC controlled 3-axis interpolated CNC machine
  • Able to move in 3 axis simultaneously on the work piece
  • High accuracy on aluminium door, window and facade profiles
  • Able to work on 3mm thick iron profiles
  • Automatic tool changing by means of magazine, which holds 7 tools including Angle Head
  • 18.5” Industrial multi touch panel
  • Industrial PC with Windows 10 operating system, which works between 0oC and 55oC
  • Easy to perform operations using CAD-CAM programme
  • 3D machine simulation used to calculate the operation time before operating the machine and displaying the process in 3D
  • Full integration with façade and aluminium door – window production software
  • Thread cutting, flow drill, countersink operations
  • Central lubrication system that facilitates the machine maintenance


  • Power supply: 400V, 3ph, 50-60Hz
  • Total power output: 12kW, 30A
  • Spindle motor power S1: 7.5kW
  • Spindle motor power S6: 9kW
  • Spindle speed: 24,000 rpm
  • Air pressure: 7 bar
  • Air consumption: 80 l/min
  • X axis max processing length: 4,000mm
  • X axis maximum speed: 180m/min
  • Y axis maximum speed: 50m/min
  • Z axis maximum speed: 50m/min
  • Clamp axis: 30m/min
  • Position accuracy value: +/- 0.1mm
  • Tool holder type: ISO 30
  • Disc mill diameter: 92mm
  • Max tool quantity: 7 pieces
  • Standard clamp quantity: 4 pieces
  • Machine height: 2,290mm
  • Machine length: 51,135mm
  • Machine width: 2,200mm
  • Machine weight: 450kg


AD 002 – Second station differences for 30% capacity increase

AC 020 – Automatic clamp positioning  (maximum 6) can be added on request

AF 040 – Angle Routing Head allows you to work the front, back, right and left surfaces. The tool is rotated accurately by means of an encoder on the electro spindle to the desired surface

200mm disc mill & holder

Barcode reader

SC 199 – Camprox Software