KC 258/20 & KC 258/40 Double Head Welding Machine (Heritage)


  • Welds two corners of PVC profiles with a single operation
  • Fixed left head allows welding at variable angles (60°-180°)
  • Movable head is locked in position by pneumatic braking
  • Welds white profiles as well as coloured profiles (0.2 mm welding seam restriction)
  • All operations can be controlled automatically
  • Two hand safety operation
  • Fully guarded
  • Ability to clean the heater plates easily
  • Special system for easy change of the Teflon
  • Special setting plate for HTL welding
  • Turret stop positioning for HTL welding
  • Controlled fusion limitation for HTL welding

KC259 Double Head Welding Machine
As KC258/10 however:-
With cleaning of the inner-corner welding seam by special welding fixtures


  • Power supply 415V, 3ph, 50-60Hz
  • Power output 3.0kW
  • Max welding length 3,400mm
  • Min welding length 425mm
  • Max profile width 130mm (for 90° welding)
  • Max profile height 190mm
  • Air pressure 6-8bar
  • Machine height 1,640mm
  • Machine length 3,840mm
  • Machine width 760mm
  • Machine weight 500kg