HWM 075/40
Four Head Welding Machine
(Heritage Spec)


  • Welds four corners of PVC profiles simultaneously at 90° with high accuracy
  • Diagonal and parallel joining methods increase the frame strength
  • Allows fast data import via a 21.5” touch screen monitor
  • Adjustable 2mm and 0.2mm setting
  • The temperature is digitally controlled
  • Heated welding knives provide improved welding results in cold weather conditions
  • Welding fixtures can be changed quickly and easily
  • Central lubrication system improves maintenance
  • Teflon wrapping device
  • Full guarding with alarm sensors for safe operation


  • Power supply: 415V, 3ph, 50-60Hz
  • Power output: 16kw, 36A
  • Maximum welding dimensions: 3,000mm х 2,650mm
  • Minimum welding dimensions: 420mm х 420mm
  • Minimum welding dimensions for Heritage Sash: 360mm x 360mm
  • Minimum welding dimensions for Heritage Frame: 420mm x 420mm
  • Minimum welding dimensions with Garket Pressing System: 520mm x 520mm
  • Maximum profile height: 180mm
  • Minimum profile height for Frame: 40mm
  • Minimum profile height for Sash: 50mm
  • Max profile width: 120mm
  • Air pressure: 6-8bar
  • Machine height: 2,100mm
  • Machine length: 5,100mm
  • Machine width: 5,380mm
  • Machine Weight: 2,300kg


HMW 075/1 Heritage specification on both sides
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