FMC 440/470 CNC Machining Centre


A CNC Machining centre with 4 controlled axes

FMC 440 – 4m CNC Machining Centre
FMC 470 – 7m CNC Machining Centre

The FMC470/FMC440 machining centres, with 4 controlled and interpolating axes, have been designed to carry out drilling and milling operations on aluminium or steel profiles. Options, such as ”multi-piece machining”, ”pendular machining” or ”multi-piece and pendular machining” functions with the choice of numerous vice/stop configurations, can be activated on request.


  • Liquid-cooled electro-spindle 7kW, 20,000rpm (HSK-F63)
  • 9 location tool magazine on head (HSK-F63)
  • 2 pairs pneumatic vices with positioning through carriage
  • Left retractable fixed pneumatic stop
  • Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) with pure oil
  • Chip and waste collection tank in base
  • Perimeter casing with automatically opening, front retractable doors
  • X Flow (Automatic orientation of lubrication nozzles)
  • Automatic lubrication of slide blocks on straight guides and recirculating ball screw lead screws
  • Control equipment: POWER-D
  • Movable control console
  • 21.5” Display
  • Licence for FST CAM 4 program
  • FST CAM 4 training course (FOM premises)