FMC 120 CNC Machining Centre


A CNC Machining centre with 3 controlled axis and worktable with pneumatic positioning at 0°/90°/180°

The FMC 120 machining centre has been designed to carry out drilling and milling operatins on aluminium or steel profiles (max thickness 3mm).



It consists of a machine bed and an upright sized to guarantee great stability and precision during machining operations. The conformation of the machine bed allows machining waste to be collected easily.

Axes movement

The independent axes are controlled by servomotors by means of a high precision, milled recirculating ball screw and preloaded lead screw for the Z axis (vertical) and the Y axis (transversal).
Sliding of the X, Y, Z axes is along high precision linear guides. Movement of the X, Y and Z axes is interpolated.

Machining head

This allows machining on 3 sides of the profile and on the 2 ends with the aid of milling disks and blades.