Ever 11A – 20A – 29A – 38A – 49A Theta Crimping Machine


This is a four head crimping machine with CNC tool positioning and infeed-outfeed tables.

Available Versions:
Ever 11A Theta
Ever 20A Theta
Ever 29A Theta
Ever 38A Theta
Ever 47A Theta

  • Automatic crimping operations
  • Tool positioning by means of electric motors
  • 21 CNC axis
  • 1 tool available on board
  • Suitable for all types of frame (windows, doors, curtain walls)
  • Adjustments and electronic controls by touch-screen panel
  • Perfect reproducibility
  • Rear and side fences and swinging gate


Production time for one frame: 30sec
Maximum loading: 500kg
Maximum height of crimping (highest on request): 160mm
Minimum frame dimension: 400mm x 400mm
EVER 11A TH – Maximum frame dimension: 2600mm x 1100mm
EVER 20A TH – Maximum frame dimension: 2600mm x 2000mm
EVER 29A TH – Maximum frame dimension: 2600mm x 2900mm
EVER 38A TH – Maximum frame dimension: 2600mm x 3800mm
EVER 47A TH – Maximum frame dimension: 2600mm x 4700mm
Communication: Bar code/Network/USB/keyboard/Manual/Automatic reading of the file production
Power consumption: 2.2kW
Air consumption: 6 bar, 16 NL per cycle
Electrical requirement: 380V (triphase + n)
Software licence for data conversion
from not FOM software: On request
Electrical cabinet: 100kg

Crimping machine EVER 11A THETA: 2400kg
Crimping machine EVER 20A THETA: 2580kg
Crimping machine EVER 29A THETA: 2760kg
Crimping machine EVER 38A THETA: 2940kg
Crimping machine EVER 47A THETA: 3120kg