Blitz 50/55/60 Double Head Sawing Machine


A double-head sawing machine with motorized movement of the mobile head and electronic control of the head tilting
Blitz 50 – 5 metre cutting facility
Blitz 50 – 6.6 metre cutting facility
Blitz 55 – 5 metre cutting facility
Blitz 55 – 6.6 metre cutting facility
Blitz 60 – 5 metre cutting facility
Blitz 60 – 6.6 metre cutting facility


  • First head fixed, second head mobile with automatic positioning. Positioning carried out by servomotor and reducer with centesimal precision
  • Maximum cutting distance between the two heads: 5 – 6.6m depending on the version supplied (can be increased with dedicated software, optional)
  • Cutting precision ± 0.15mm
  • Motor-driven cutting head tilted by means of a recirculating ball screw and nut offering high precision, repeatability and reliability
  • Cutting angles vary according to the machine model, with electronic control of all graduations:
    – from 10° to 135° Blitz 50
    – from 12° to 135° Blitz 55
    – from 20° to 135° Blitz 60
  • ±0,05° precision and repeatability
  • 2 no. tungsten carbide saw blades Ø 500 (Blitz 50) Ø 550 (Blitz 55) Ø 600 (Blitz 60) mm
  • Oleo-pneumatic blade exit speed control (adjustable blade exit speed – rapid retraction)
  • Cutting zone guards
  • Machine state indicator LEDs
  • 4 no. horizontal vices which have a patented push system with a vertical component to guarantee contact with the machine horizontal table
  • 2 no. vertical vices on internal side of the blade, automatically excludible for cuts with internal angles between 90° and 135°
  • Movable head roller table 2.5m
  • Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) with pure oil
  • Direct motor to blade transmission
  • Blade motors 2.2 kW – 2,800 rpm
  • Electric panel separate from pneumatic panel in lateral position
  • Set-up for the installation of a chips and fumes extraction system
  • Horizontal profile support tables in ground hardened steel and vertical in stainless steel
  • Set up for the installation of a central motor-driven conveyor belt for collecting waste material and chips including inclined end
  • Flashing lights to warn when the machine is in operation
  • Electric brake to stop the blade in less than 10 seconds
  • Rapid tap for the easy connection and disconnection of the vertical vices
  • Pneumatic circuit mounted directly on the heads for increased speed and ease of calibrating the pneumatic parts regardless of machine length