Argo 40/70/100 CNC Machining Centre


The Argo is a CNC Machining Centre with 3 controlled axes + pneumatic rotation of spindle 0°/90°/180°
Argo 40 – 4m CNC Machining Centre
Argo 70 – 7m CNC Machining Centre
Argo 100 – 10m CNC Machining Centre
The ARGO machining centre has been designed to perform boring and milling work on aluminium and steel profiles. The mechanical specifications of this modern machining centre and of its control system provide economical use in the production of single pieces.


  • Electro-spindle FOM 6.5Kw 17,000rpm (ISO 30)
  • 12 position tool magazine. (ISO 30) Note: possible housing of single/double tool angular unit and blade-holder cone
  • 4 No. pneumatic vices with independent positioning
  • Left sliding pneumatic stop
  • Full soundproof cover of the machining head
  • Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) with pure oil
  • Chip conveyor belt
  • Chip bin
  • Set up for fumes extraction
  • Photoelectric cell barrier.
  • Rear and side fences and swinging gate
  • Machine handling kit
  • Electronic equipment ”Power E-Box”
  • Mobile control console with PC, 17” touch screen monitor, mouse and keyboard
  • Software licence for FOMCAM program
  • FOMCAM training course (FOM premises)