Haffner announce strong start to 2023

Haffner Ltd, the multi-award-winning machinery supplier, has announced a strong start to 2023, with several sales of Graf Synergy machines already confirmed. Matt Thomas, Managing Director of Haffner, comments: “As the sole UK agent for Graf Synergy machines, we have seen a sharp increase in demand for their cutting-edge machine technology. The high-end aesthetics of seamless welding is helping our customers to meet the demands of a changing market with several largescale orders already confirmed for 2023.”

The patented Graf Synergy machines take welding quality to the next level, giving a superior visual finish when compared to a standard PVC-U weld.

Matt comments: “Demand for high-end, feature-rich products was increasing in 2022 and looks set to continue throughout 2023. Graf Synergy machines help fabricators deliver the outstanding quality these products need every time, eliminating costly remakes and helping secure premium prices with more affluent consumers.”

The technically advanced machines are also suitable for driving efficiencies in high volume casement output too, because they deliver high levels of automation throughout the entire fabrication process.

Matt says: “The worker shortage is already having an impact for many fabricators. Unfortunately, it’s a situation that’s likely to get worse before it gets better, especially as production volumes increase. Automation via machine technology helps fabricators manage worker shortage and fluctuating volumes, all without compromising quality or lead times.”

As the industry’s go-to machinery supplier, the Graf Synergy machines are just the start of what Haffner has to offer.

The company is the sole UK agent of Haffner Machinery, which designs innovative and high-quality engineered products at competitive industry prices. It also supplies a range of aluminium fabrication machines from worldwide machinery giants, Fom Industries.

Alongside cutting-edge machinery, Haffner customers also get the best in technical and on-site support. The company has been in the market for over 30 years and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every conversation. Matt comments: “We work hard to understand every customer’s unique requirements and develop the fabrication setup that meets their needs in the short, middle and long term.”

It’s an offer that has seen the company grow rapidly in recent years. And with fabricators increasingly choosing to invest in seamless welding technology from Graf Synergy its growth looks set to continue – as the strong start to the new year shows.

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